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Fashionable Realtime Toolbox

Fashionable Realtime Toolbox

... contains hundreds of exercises in sentence form. They are neither silly nor unlikely.

For many writers, it's one thing to pass the valuable CRR, but another to accept realtime work without doubting one's ability to write realtime proficiently.

This text contains exercises for the most important realtime principles. Learn to write these well, and your confidence will soar.

FR Toolbox contains carefully designed examples of almost every problem wrinkle in your theory that you might have forgotten to note over time.

Use this book to find them again — and hundreds of others waiting to surprise you when you least expect them.

The Toolbox audio CD provides excellent dictation of all exercises.

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ISBN 0-9685532-2-2
166 pages

Fashionable Realtime Toolbox

Toolbox CD contains
4.5 hours of solid dictation
(all materials)

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PO Box 522
Quathiaski Cove

British Columbia
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**Long overdue!    Fashionable Realtime Toolbox — a must for practising principles of realtime writing and organizing your theory.**

In all, nearly 2,000 sentences of authentic language representing typical problems of most theories:

Practise writing the 150 most frequent words without conflict

Perfect 42 common prefixes and 101 common suffixes

Practise 99 technical prefixes and suffixes

Hone your skills with number-writing, proper names, and compound words

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