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**A nuts-and-bolts, highly useful book for all writers — from new reporters to experienced captioners.**

This text for stenographic writers (court reporters) by realtime instructor Denis Thievin has all the basics needed to convert non-realtime writing to full-out, remunerative realtime writing and making complete dictionary overhauls. It has a full set of steps for identifying conflicts and finding logical resolutions.  It allows any shorthand writer to choose a unique method, and it promotes methodical, not patchwork, methods.

**Used in four continents, this might very well be the best of all upgrade books.**

Based on the most frequently occurring English words, this book untangles problems normally associated with analyzing prefixes, suffixes, homonyms, and word boundary problems.  It contains thousands of words in lists with the most likely word parts written by steno writers.  It leads to orderly searches of one's CAT dictionary for finding and eliminating problem entries.  Best of all, it gets straight to what's most needed to write acceptable realtime from court reporting to captioning.

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Denis Thievin

"I devoured Fashionable Realtime the minute I received it and recommend it to all I see. Again, thanks. I have been realtiming for almost 10 years, and FRT says everything I have ever wanted to say in a marvellously structured way."

-LL, Perth

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Stylistic Guidelines for Canadian Court Reporters and Transcriptionists

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• 5,000 most frequent words
• Attach those vowels now
• Avoiding band-aid fixes
• Choose your vowels
• Commonly confused adverbs
• Logical numbers
• Solving vowel and ~y ending band-aids
• Stacking

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